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A washer is one of the most important appliances in a home environment. No one wants to scrub clothes manually for hours in a bid to get rid of all stains. Well, at least not when kids’ clothes are involved. Keeping it in perfect condition at all times is therefore of paramount importance. What happens if it breaks down? What then?

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Since it is frequently used, this is bound to happen from time. First things first though. Why would a washer break down or stop working properly all of a sudden? This could be due to either of two reasons. For one, it could be because some parts are faulty or lack of proper maintenance. Either way, in this case, you need the help from a professional washer repair service.


Hiring professional help to repair your washer in Long Beach comes with a load of benefits, some of which includes:

Exhaustive Repair Service

Newport & Hathaway has professionals that are strongly knowledgeable about the overall washing system and the inner mechanical components of washers. As a result, they identify problems fast and rectify them promptly. Repairs are done exhaustively to ensure that the same issue does not become a bother in future. Consequently, the damage impact reduces to nearly nothing.

Save on the Cost of New Washer

Another benefit of hiring experts for washer repair in Long Beach is that it saves you a significant amount of cost of buying a new. It is no secret that buying new appliances can be expensive and inconvenient for a budget. Choosing to repair your appliance rather than purchase a new one can help save several dollars.

Efficient Maintenance

There is no one who understands the importance of your washer than experts specially trained to repair them. As such, they apply their extensive knowledge in giving your appliance the care it needs. Whether it is fairly new or old, these are the only people who will be able to assess and counteract any issues with your washer. Consequently, this ensures efficient maintenance of your appliance.

Call (562) 200-0596 for Long Beach Washer Repair Service


The only place to turn for help in case of a faulty washer should be Newport & Hathaway. With several years of experience in repairing appliances, there is only so many reasons why this should be your first call. Here is a look at some of the reasons.

Highly Certified Technicians

We are certainly not comfortable with letting unskilled persons handle your appliance. We would rather have a technician with the right knowledge and experience in handling such issues repair your washer. They identify the basis of the problem and rectify it, leaving your appliance as good as new. It is no wonder that all our technicians are highly certified. We also equip them with the right tools of the trade that enable them to do a satisfying job. This leaves little or no room for room thus guaranteeing the best of the best.

Professional Experience

Having been in this business for a while, we understand that every appliance problem should be tackled as soon as possible to avoid escalation. We have mastered this art. We will assess the washer not only for the current issue, but also for any related or systematic problems.

Excellent Customer Care

Having a job and house chores helps keep you busy enough. This is why once you hire us for your washer repair needs. You will not have to bother about scheduling issues, unreliable technicians or billing hassles. Any enquiries you may have are also responded to promptly. Customer satisfaction is what we are about, and we do everything in our power to make you a happy client.

Reasonable Rates

One of our main concerns is your budget needs. Therefore, we charge rates that are reasonable and affordable as well. The rates are well worth it as your washer is left in perfect working condition just as a new one, but at a lower cost.

Are you in search of a professional to take care of your appliance needs particularly a washer repairer? Look no further and give us a call today. We guarantee customer satisfaction, as we are highly qualified, experienced and certainly charge the best rates in Long Beach.

Call (562) 200-0596 for Long Beach Washer Repair Service