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Most appliances are the modern life’s cornerstone. Without them, you would be reduced to washing your clothes by hand and cooking your food over an open fire. Any broken appliance in a home can lead to a very big problem and the question of whether you need to repair this appliance or not can create lots of anxiety.

When it is about oven repair, each device has to reach a diminishing return point. If fixing your oven is cheaper than purchasing a new one, you should go for repair it. However, it is not very wise to repair any oven that keeps breaking from time to time or one that has already become technologically obsolete. Newport & Hathaway Appliance Repair offers oven repair services, refrigerator repair, washer repair, dryer repair, range repair, freeze repair and ice maker repair. They have qualified technicians who will offer the best service to you and at an affordable cost.


1. Appliance Age

You need to consider the age of your oven or stove when deciding on whether to replace or repair it. Most of the kitchen appliances have an average lifespan. Once it has passed this point, the best idea is to replace it. Some high-end appliances and antiques are the only exception to this rule since they are very expensive to replace.

2. Remaining Warranty

You have to determine whether your appliance is under a warranty or not. If it is under a warranty, you can have it repaired at a lower cost and even free of charge. Relying on the warranty at times is important as some parts are expensive and may even cost you more than what you would incur by purchasing a new oven.

Ensure that a factory authorized appliance repair shop covers your warranty.

3. Repair Price vs. Replacement Price

Most Long Beach oven repair professionals will tell you that when the price of repairing your appliance is half the cost of purchasing a new one, you should consider replacing it.


When It Make Sense to Repair Your Oven

There are times when you should consider repairing your oven, stove, or range. Those include when your kitchen appliance is under a warranty; the oven or stove is a very expensive antique that would be very expensive to replace; and when you only need to conduct a minor repair on the appliance to be able to extend its life.

When It Make Sense to Replace Your Oven

At times, it’s better to replace your oven, stove, or range rather than have it repaired. Situations that may force you to replace the appliance include when your appliance is no longer under any warranty; when the repair cost is extensive and can add up to more than a half of the appliances original cost; the appliance is technologically obsolete.


The most effective way on maintaining your appliance is by practicing preventive maintenance. A lot of appliance simply fail due to overuse or misuse by the consumer. Appliance repair experts say that as a homeowner you should read each appliance manual which come with your appliances and also follow the instructions to ensure the appliances proper use and preventive maintenance.

Instead of relying on the oven’s self-cleaning function, you can hire oven repair service men to clean up the spills. You can also use drip pans to catch any spills.

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