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When selecting an appliance or refrigerator repair service, it is important to be careful about whom you want to hire. The wrong company with unqualified technicians may end up causing more damage than good. Its technicians will only end up further breaking parts of your appliance or doing a shoddy job which could end up causing frequent breakdowns to your fridge unit in future. Because of this, when it comes to repairs done on your appliances not just your refrigerator, it is imperative that you choose the right appliance repair company with competent technicians.

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If you reside in or anywhere near Long Beach, a reliable service that you need to consider is Newport & Hathaway Appliance Repair. Why choose this company when there are hundreds of other similar companies across the region, offering refrigerator repair? Well, to answer this question, the following paragraphs discuss some of the benefits that this reputable appliance repair company offers to its customers that you will find nowhere else.

Our Technicians Use Quality Parts as well as the Latest Equipment and Tools

Have you ever taken your broken fridge to a technician only for it to breakdown again shortly after repair it? If so, did you wonder why that happened? Well, chances are, the technician fixed your appliance using secondhand parts from a similar refrigerator that is no longer working.

This is what most companies offering appliance repair services do in order to save costs and make more profits. Another reason for them doing this is so you can call in their services frequently. Spending a lot on fake repairs can be a huge disappointment and waste of time. However, this reliable company, providing refrigerator repair in Long Beach uses high-quality parts that are specifically designed for your appliances to ensure that you are able to obtain quality performance from the repair as well as the best value for your money.

Newport & Hathaway Offers Expertise

Our reputable refrigerator repair company in Long Beach has technicians with excellent qualifications and skills that enable them to provide high-quality repair services. They are no doubt true experts to their craft, having completed rigorous training and certification programs with major brands.

Customer Satisfaction

If you are looking for a service provider in Long Beach who guarantees customer satisfaction, look no further than Newport & Hathaway. Why? Our professional repair technicians will ensure that your broken fridge is restored to its original state. We will not just jump-start it but also fix it to run without unwanted noises and with the proper efficiency.

Cost, Availability, and Quality Repair Services & Maintenance

We all know that household appliances are not cheap items and thus, looking for the most affordable repair service should be one of your top priorities. Besides that, finding an refrigerator repair service provider who provides high quality and reliable services and is flexible enough to attend to quick emergencies is also crucial. The above Long Beach appliance repair company offers quality and reliable services at some pocket friendly prices. Unlike some of our competitors, we also cater to quick emergencies so you are not stranded.

Our Reputation

There are many repair service companies in and near Long Beach claiming to be excellent refrigerator repair service providers…until unsuspecting customers later realize they have become the next victims of shoddy workmanship or sometimes even fraudulent business practices.

Household appliances, like refrigerators usually are quite costly, and you want to make sure that the appliance repair company you hire is reliable and has the right skills as well as equipment to repair your appliance in time and efficiently. The company discussed in this article has nearly all of the most important things to look for in an appliance repair company that qualifies. It helps you save money and time by getting the job done once and for all at a pocket friendly price. While a broken refrigerator or any other household appliance can lead to big problems at home, entrusting the wrong appliance repair company with the repair of your home appliances can lead to even bigger problems.

Call (562) 200-0596 for Long Beach Refrigerator Repair Service